This week's question: President Trump welcomed the New Year with an all-caps tweet urging anxious Americans to "JUST CALM DOWN AND ENJOY THE RIDE." If a theme park were to design a roller-coaster based on politics in 2019, what name could it give the ride?

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THE WINNER: "Only I Matterhorn"
Marlon Durham, San Antonio, Texas

SECOND PLACE: "The Polarizing Express"
Anthony Scola, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

THIRD PLACE: "The Heartland-vs.-Coaster"
Ken Liebman, Williston, Vermont


"The Boaster Coaster"
John Blumenthal, Rye, New York

"It's a Small Wall (After All)"
Nicole Barens, San Francisco

"The MAGAhorn"
Tim Bradley, Centennial, Colorado

"The DeNATOnator"
Rob Huffman, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Bruce Carlson, Alexandria, Virginia

"Facts Matterhorn"
Erin Mistele, Peapack, New Jersey

"Tragic Mountain"
Lance Mason, Santa Barbara, California

"Twitter Twister"
Linda Manuel, Stockton, New Jersey

"Revolving Cabinet"
Ken Kellam III, Dallas

"It's a Trump World"
Greg Mistele, Peapack, New Jersey

"The Gridlock"
Janine Witte, New Hope, Pennsylvania

Barbara James, Bedford, Massachusetts

"Space Force Mountain"
Kelly Milford, St. Louis, Missouri

"The Downward Spiral"
Mike Elliot, Los Angeles