1. Yukon Hammerhead Pro HD ($176)

This sleek, aluminum-frame sled "flies across the snow," thanks to a pair of 4.5-inch-wide rear skis that won't dig into powder. It can carry a rider of up to 220 pounds, and it comes with a shoulder strap for easy hauling. Buy it at Amazon.

2. Flexible Flyer Classic Wooden Toboggan ($150)

You can't improve upon a classic. The whole family can pile onto Flexible Flyer's 6-foot snow chariot, still built up north from Canadian hard maple. There may be no better sled for "pure, liberating speed." Buy it at Amazon.

3. Bradley Snow Tube ($99)

Perfect for parent-child tandem descents, this big, rugged tube was originally created for commercial sledding slopes. No matter your weight these days, "you can jump on with confidence that it can handle all manner of tube-­tearing ground effects." Buy it at Amazon.

4. Mad River Rocket Killer B ($180)

Spin while catching air in this "extremely maneuverable" small sled — designed to be ridden in a kneeling position. Foam kneepads provide cushioning and a leg strap keeps the sled in place as you carve up the slope. Buy it at Amazon.

5. Zipfy ($50)

"Children of all ages will absolutely love the Zipfy." A fun alternative to saucer sleds, the compact, lightweight luge is easy to steer and carry and to stop with your legs. It's available in red, blue, pink, and green, and can support up to 250 pounds. Buy it at Amazon.

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