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August 24, 2018

On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reported that National Enquirer publisher David Pecker had been granted immunity by federal prosecutors, presumably to spill the dirt on the various porn actresses and Playboy models who were paid hush money after saying they had extramarital affairs with Pecker's friend President Trump. And then The Associated Press reported that all those Trump-related secrets had been locked up in an actual safe at the National Enquirer offices.

So you have a guy named Pecker involved in paying off professionally naked women on behalf of the president, who was a New York City tabloid staple for 35 years. This would seem to be catnip for New York's tabloids. The New York Daily News took the bait, but the New York Post, unexpectedly, took a more conceptual approach.

It's too bad that story about Attorney General Jeff Sessions being an alien isn't actually inside, though. Peter Weber

August 22, 2018

After Tuesday's one-two punch of a guilty verdict for President Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and a guilty plea for his former attorney Michael Cohen, New York tabloids had some fun with the drama that inched uncomfortably close to the president.

"ALL THE PRESIDENT'S HENCHMEN," trumpeted Wednesday's New York Daily News cover, sarcastically calling the two men Trump's promised "best people." The New York Post, meanwhile, ominously underlined the fact that "DON'S CONS" both now face jail time.

The tabloids didn't let Trump wriggle out of his association with Manafort and Cohen, as the president tried to do when he distanced himself from his former campaign chairman shortly after his conviction. Recalling All The President's Men and Watergate, the two publications placed Trump right in the middle of the two scandals. Read more about Trump's worst day ever here at The Week. Summer Meza

June 20, 2018

On Wednesday, President Trump signed a temporary stopgap measure to keep migrant families detained together — indefinitely, if the courts or Congress do as he requests — but the Health and Human Services Department says it has no plans to reunite the 2,300 children already being detained apart from their parents. The New York Daily News had a message for Trump on Thursday's front page:

Sadly, that may be harder than it sounds. Peter Weber

June 19, 2018

President Trump's "zero tolerance" border policy made the front pages of New York City's two main tabloids, the New York Post and the Daily News, and neither newspaper seemed pleased with the policy's de facto separation of children from their parents. The Post, whose sister publication The Wall Street Journal condemned Trump's policy in an editorial Monday night, picked some cage imagery and cited the Bible. And unlike Attorney General Jeff Sessions and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the Post quoted Jesus, not one of his followers.

The Daily News mostly lets the image do the talking.

Separating migrant children from parents as part of Trump's border policy is widely unpopular — a CNN/SRSS poll Monday evening confirmed that a sizable majority of Americans (67 percent) disapprove of the policy while 28 percent approve, but a majority of Republicans (56 percent) support "zero tolerance" and all it entails. That poll was conducted by phone June 14 among 1,012 adults, and it has a margin of sampling error of ±3.7 percentage points. The New York tabloid sample is two, but disapproval is 100 percent. Peter Weber

May 15, 2018

First daughter Ivanka Trump helped lead the American delegation to Israel to ceremonially open the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem on Monday, and while she unveiled the official plaque — with her father, President Trump's, name in a conspicuously large font — a few miles away, Israeli forces were firing live ammunition to keep Palestinian demonstrators from crossing into Israel from Gaza. By the end of the day, Israeli forces had killed 58 Palestinians and wounded more than 1,200 others, according to the Gaza Health Ministry, making it the bloodiest clash between Israel and Palestinians since 2014. The New York Daily News noticed incongruity between Ivanka's smiles and the Palestinian deaths and pointed it out on its cover, pretty brutally.

The Daily News' rival tabloid, the New York Post, went with a smiling Orthodox Jew giving a thumbs-up in front of a banner reading "Thank You President Trump." Peter Weber

April 17, 2018

There are days when New York City's top two tabloids, the New York Daily News and New York Post, are on the same page when it comes to their cover pages. Tuesday will not be one of those days. Both newspapers focused on Monday's hearing in federal court in Manhattan featuring lawyers for President Trump, his lawyer/fixer Michael Cohen, and the revelation of Cohen's mysterious third client, Sean Hannity, and the Daily News aimed its headline prowess on the Hannity news.

The Post, a sister publication to Hannity's employer, Fox News, decided to devote its cover to a bit player in the hearing, porn star Stormy Daniels, who made a splashy cameo at Monday's court date.

As they say, to each tabloid its own. Peter Weber

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