courtroom drama
February 12, 2019

The Brooklyn-based trial which ended on Tuesday with a guilty verdict on all 10 counts for notorious drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, was rife with drama. Here are four of the wildest moments from the court proceedings, which included 200 hours of testimony from 56 witnesses.

1. Naked escape: Guzmán's former mistress Lucero Guadalupe Sánchez Lopez (who is incarcerated following an arrest and guilty plea on drug-related charges) took the witness stand in January and described how, in 2014, she and Guzmán fled from authorities through an underground tunnel beneath a safe house. Sanchez said that Guzmán was naked when they took off. He led her to a trap door beneath the bathtub through which they made their escape.

2. $500 million jalapeño cans: One "Sinaloa insider" testified that workers in Mexico would pack 25 to 30 tons of cocaine hidden in jalapeño cans, which was worth up to $500 million, per year. The witness also said that the workers would get contact highs in the process.

3. Extravagant weaponry: In November witness Jesus Zambada García revealed that Guzmán owned and carried a diamond-encrusted gun, engraved with his initials. He also was known to carry a gold-plated AK-47.

4. Revealed corruption: Alex Cifuentes, Guzmán's onetime right-hand man, testified that Guzmán once paid a $100 million bribe to former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. The former president allegedly requested $250 million, but has denied taking any bribe from anyone involved in the drug trade.

5. Seeing double: In January, Mexican actor Alejandro Edda, who plays Guzmán in Netflix's Narcos: Mexico, went to court to see the man he portrays for himself. Edda said that he decided to go in order to study Guzmán's mannerisms — which was difficult due to the lack of video of the cartel boss. "It was very surreal," Edda said of the experience. "I'm shaking." Tim O'Donnell

April 16, 2018

A federal judge on Monday rejected requests by President Trump and his personal lawyer Michael Cohen to look at documents seized from Cohen before prosecutors see them.

Cohen has worked for Trump for more than a decade, and he's now the subject of a criminal investigation. Last week, FBI agents raided his home, office, and hotel room, and prosecutors have not yet been given the seized files.

Attorneys for Trump and Cohen told federal Judge Kimba Wood in court on Monday that they believe the FBI took documents related to Cohen's legal representation of Trump in the raids, and while Wood denied Trump's request for a restraining order to keep prosecutors from going through the files, she did say she may appoint an independent lawyer to see if any of the documents are protected by attorney-client privilege. Catherine Garcia

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